Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Beautiful Surprise

This Saturday, Cameron and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary! We are renewing our vows to each other tomorrow and then we'll have a beautiful lunch at a local restaurant. We are really looking forward to spending time with each other and celebrating our family. When we came home from the shops this afternoon, we were surprised by this waiting for us at the front door. These gorgeous flowers are from Michelle and Peter! We cannot thank you enough for your love and thoughtfulness.
This has truly made our day! xxx


Anonymous said...

OMG sweetness, Happy 10 Year Anniversary for this Saturday!!! What a delightful bunch of flowers!!! Your blog looks divine anyways and I must remember to blog your gorgeous cards in my next post, take care my friend and goodluck with the DT spot, Tiff xx.

Anonymous said...

PS I am adding you to my favs so I don't forget to pop back regualarly. Think I was meant to do this last time, silly me :o)

Sandie said...

Oh Vanilla isn't that gorgeous.
I have a little tear reading this.

I hope you enjoy your special day. Good on you for renewing your vows. Make sure you get some photos.

Luv Sandie

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and congrats
Tracy :)

Shelee said...

I am so glad we bought some sunshine to your day! I chose those colours specifically because I knew you'd love them. We were there beside you 10 years ago and we are still as close today and friendships like that are just one in a million and I'm glad we found each other. Love to you both and I can't wait to hear about how special your day was!

Luv Shelee xx