Monday, November 2, 2009

ARTastic November Challenge

Check out this month's ARTastic November Challenge... The painting is called "A Greek Woman" painted by the artist Lawrence Alma -Tadema. The painting is so beautiful and delicate and it lends itself really well to a shabby-chic layout with lots of flowers! Here is a picture of the painting and my interpretation below...

"I was inspired by the woman in the painting. She is so graceful and whimsical. I tried to use similar colours to the painting although I have used a brighter combination. This is a photo of our beautiful daughter on the day my husband and I renewed our vows for our tenth anniversary. Thank you to Shelee who suggested I take this photo!"

1 comment:

Shelee said...

Oh you are so sweet ... and you took a cracker of a photo. It's absolutely gorgeous and so feminine! I love your LO. It's just so beautiful.